About Us

This project is Co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of the EU.
The main objective of the project “CODEPENDENCY – UNLIMITED DEVOTION” is to reach a maximum number of codependent people, to help them cope with the problems of cohabitation with an addict and to lead them back to normal life more quickly through development of an innovative platform for direct benefit of the codependent. Our essential mission is to develop the platform in two main areas – specialized support for the codependent through the provision of reliable, appropriate and accessible information resources on the one hand, and on the other – a training platform for the specialists working with these target groups, enhancing their professional competencies.

The problem is transnational and our motivation was that plenty of people in a dead-end situation from different countries will be given the opportunity to acquire key competencies and basic skills to face the road to change.

The project involves organizations with a diverse profile and relevant expertise, united by the
general idea of creating a high-quality product to help thousands of sufferers not only in Europe. The international cooperation will allow us to enjoy foreign experience in coping with this type of problem and to adapt existing practices.

The Team

The project attracted partner organizations from Austria, England, the Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania, as thousands of European families each year fall into the whirlpool of codependency. From Bulgaria is the coordinator of the project – Center for Psychological Support „Harmony”, as well as the partner organization Multi Ethno Forum Association. Partner organizations from other countries are: TUROREIN – Austria, FSN Association z.s. – Czech Republic, Young 3D Association – Romania, Associazione culturale “Mediterrart – Italy, Action Exchange – United Kingdom. The project team includes psychologists, pedagogues, social consultants, economists, non-formal education moderators as well as professionals in the visual arts, Internet and IT technologies.

This project is Co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of the EU.