Who suffers from codependence?

Codependent people show the following traits and behaviour:

1. Uncertainty
Codependent people live for others, neglecting themselves. They rely on other people’s decisions, feed on the opinions of everyone else and underestimate themselves. To the codependent people others are more important. They think about things like “What would they do if in my shoes?”, “What would they do?” They are not able to think for themselves.

2. Exercising control
As we mentioned, the codependent people always need someone to make decisions instead of them. Since they cannot live without it, they actually become controlling and manipulative to keep everyone and everything under control. Controlling people cannot continue without the other!

3. Doubting themselves
The codependent people cannot face the world or life alone. They doubt that they even know how to live without being emotionally dependent on another person. Their insecurities and fears hinder their ability to make decisions. Facing life without a shoulder to lean on causes them so much anxiety that they are always looking for someone to meet that need.