It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves and it is impossible to find it elsewhere.

Agnes Repplier

Codependence is a psychological state in which one person becomes emotionally attached to another. Codependence begins when one loses touch with themselves. It is when one gives themselves completely to others. And it takes bravery to say “I need help”. And it takes willpower and courage to make the decision to help oneself so that one can help others.



What is codependence?

A codependent is one who has allowed themselves to be influenced by another person’s behaviour and is obsessed with the idea of controlling that person’s behaviour.

Stages that the codependent person goes through

Usually that person has grown up in an upset family and has mastered the rule that “caring” for others is a measure of self-worth.

How to overcome codependence?

What should we do if we feel that another person is the center of our world, that they are the cause of our existence and without them we cannot continue in life? Can we overcome the codependence? The answer to the latter is, “Yes, we can.”

Alcohol Codependence

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that is not only a problem for the patient and their family but is also a serious problem for society as a whole.

Drug Codependence

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  • How to help the drug addict and yourself?

Gambling Codependence

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  • How to help the gambling addict and ourselves?

Self Assessment

Codependent Behaviour

This test aims to determine how prone you are to codependent behavior and how it affects your emotional balance.

Social Relationships

This test will help you gain a better idea of your behavior and make sense of your relationships with others. Maybe you grew up in a family of people with addictions? Then you will probably find that the next fourteen questions are fully applicable to your life and personal characteristics.

Сodependence (V.Tkacheva)

This test will determine your degree of codependence