How to overcome codependence?

What should we do if we feel that another person is the center of our world, that they are the cause of our existence and without them we cannot continue in life? Can we overcome the codependence? The answer to the latter is, “Yes, we can.”

First, ask yourself why you feel that your life is not valuable when you are alone. Where does that inability to rely on yourself come from? Look for what makes you feel inferior. Reflect and try to challenge that. You are worth no less than any other human being.

As a codependent person, your thoughts are probably full of phrases like, “I don’t know,” “I can’t do it,” “they’ll know better how to do it.” If these phrases come to the surface, oppose them. Nobody knows everything, nobody can do everything. But there is something we can all do: learn. Do not seek help for every little thing, do not rely on another person. Try to be independent. Many circumstances shatter us, but it happens to everyone! It is good to know how to stand up, to overcome them successfully on our own. Independence is essential. We cannot always count on the support of others. Best Practices

Discover your strengths and use them. Work on them so that you learn to value yourself and not depend on anyone. Self assessment /

Look for a reason to be happy every day. Stop looking at the others as your model. Everyone is unique. Make your life unique. / resources /

Be persistent. Yes, it is difficult, but it is not impossible. Keep going. If you are reading these lines that means you are responsible, intelligent, strong.