When it comes to relationships, it’s important to be clued up on what’s healthy and what’s unhealthy – and codependency is another relationship trait that can be pretty harmful (to both you and the person you’re with). Codependency can stop you and your partner from having a mutually satisfying, healthy relationship, and it can sabotage your ability to function independently.

January is Codependency Awareness month, a time for us to take an honest look at our relationships and those of the people around us. Lovehoney has teamed up with Ness Cooper, a relationships expert at TheSexConsultant, to help individuals to educate and prepare themselves more.

Speaking on what makes codependency unhealthy, Ness explains that; “A healthy relationship dynamic needs to be able to allow room for not just the couple’s joint identity but each individual’s self-identity too. Most relationships will have moments where either individual is needed and the other individual fulfils that partner’s need, but often in unhealthy codependent relationships the needs that need to be fulfilled become very one-sided and control other aspects of the relationship.”